Social Responsibility

We believe that companies add value and richness to their communities. We promote these values in our management and decision-making:

Microenvironment protection
We collaborate in environment protection through the selective collection of residues and the intelligent management of stock to reduce unnecessary consumption and product expiration.

Our products are conceived in both public and private sanitary health policies to make them available to everyone.

We promote gender equality and work-life balance by offering flexible hours.

Do you want to help us be an international reference in digestive health?

We are looking for professionals to grow our team who share these values: enthusiasm, innovation and flexibility, excellence and reliability, teamwork, and strong commitment.

You will work in a scientific-business environment in a very compelling city such as Girona and an internationally recognized life sciences cluster (BioRegion of Catalonia).

Debido a la festividad del próximo día 6 y 8 de diciembre, esa semana no se realizarán recogidas de muestras.