Global market

  • Colorectal (CRC) is the worldwide third leading cancer in incidence and mortality, according the WHO.
  • European guidelines recommend CRC prevention based on screening the population risk (all 50-75-years-old population).
  • The current organized screening programs use Immunological Fecal occult blood Test (FIT) base on detecting blood in feces. But, because blood is not a specific marker of CRC, using FIT in its maximum sensitivity implies an high rate of false positive and induce a large amount of unnecessary colonoscopies.
  • Specific non-invasive screening tools focused on detection at early stages become a keystone in order to prevent CRC.

Our proposal

RAID-CRC is a patented non-invasive system that complements FIT screening with determination CRC microbiological signature in fecal sample.

In 2018 we aim to perform a clinical validation in German screening population and launch RAID-CRC to the market in 2019 with total financial needs of 4 million euros.

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