Oncothon 2018

In the framework of the Onconet Sudoe European project, Oncothon will be a 2-day event that will bring the opportunity for professional from different areas such as oncology, bioinformatics, engineer or biomedical research, from academic and enterprise settings, to know how cancer genomics is opening new pathways for cancer diagnosis and treatment. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend outstanding talks about how to exploit cancer genomics data and participate in collaborative sessions with interdisciplinary teams to collaborate and brainstorm about innovative solutions. The institutional opening will be in charge of Angela Moca, Onconet Sudoe project coordinator (Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier) and Lina Gálvez, regional minister of Knowledge, Research and University of Junta de Andalucía. Goodgut has invited at the Cancer Interception Workshop on 12 November. Sara Ramió, Project Manager at GoodGut, will talk about The Microbiome and Cancer with Eduardo Pareja of Era7 Bioinformatics. GoodGut is developing RAID-CRC, a pioneering test non-invasive, fast, easy to use and economical to pre-diagnose colon cancer and determine the risk in previous stages, using biomarkers in stool samples. This Oncothon arises in the framework of the Onconet Sudoe European project. Date: 12-13 November, 2018 Place: Parque Tecnológico de Ciencias de la Salud de Granada More information