GUT Microbiota For Health World Summit 2018

Date: 10-11 March, 2018 Place: Barceló Aran Mantegna Hotel · Rome (Italy) GUT Microbiota For Health World Summit 2018 will provide clinical researchers and healthcare professionals. The event will host a selection of plenary sessions and smaller group workshops with participation of an elite worldwide group of health care professionals looking to get up to date on the latest clinical applications of gut microbiota. GoodGut will present four posters: “RAID-CRC: a new non-invasive tool for colorectal cancer screening based on bacterial signatures” “RAID-IBS Diagnosis: a new non-invasive method to support the irritable bowel syndrome diagnosis” “RAID-CD Monitor: a new non-invasive method to determine endoscopic activity in inflammatory bowel disease” “Faecal biomarkers show similar abundances in healthy Lynch syndrome and patients with colorectal cancer” More information

Debido a la festividad del próximo día 12 de octubre, esa semana solo se realizarán recogidas de muestra lunes y martes.