10 Oct

GoodGut launches a new website with its digestive health pipeline

GoodGut launches a new website with its digestive health pipeline

Digestive diseases have a high incidence rate and have a chronic and serious impact on the daily life of sufferers. GoodGut has just launched a new website (www.goodgut.eu), with the slogan Enhancing Digestive Health, on which it presents its pipeline of non-invasive and prebiotic systems for improving the diagnosis and treatment of conditions including colon cancer, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. These products are in the clinical trial phase, with plans for them tol be put on the market in 2019.

This intuitive new website provides the user with full corporate information: the company; mission, vision and values; Management and Board of Advisers; strategic and scientific partners; social responsibility, and a page dedicated to careers.

It also includes two update sections: the latest news from the company and a blog to disseminate knowledge of the research and development of GoodGut and digestive diseases in general.

Innovation based on intestinal microbiota

GoodGut’s know-how is based on the study of the intestinal microbiota of individuals, a determining factor in the immune system of the intestine and the development of digestive diseases. The company offers pioneering technological solutions for obtaining a faster, more reliable and cheaper medical diagnosis than using existing methods, and treatments to improve the quality of life of patients with compromised digestive health.

GoodGut was created in 2014 as a spin-off of University of Girona and Biomedical Research Institute of Girona Dr Josep Trueta by Mariona Serra, Xavier Aldeguer and Jesús Garcia-Gil. The company is based in the Science and Technology Park of Girona and forms part of CataloniaBio, the Catalan association of health and life sciences companies.