16 Feb

The GoodGut colon cancer test, one of the projects to be supported by the CIMTI

The GoodGut colon cancer test, one of the projects to be supported by the CIMTI

The Centre for the Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technologies (CIMTI), created in 2017 at the initiative of the Leitat Foundation with the support of the Catalan Department of Health and the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia, has selected GoodGut’s RAID-CRC test as one of the health innovation projects that will improve patient quality of life.

The RAID-CRC test is a non-invasive method which will be used to prevent and diagnose colorectal cancer more effectively and reduce the need for unnecessary colonoscopies. Positive results from the first clinical trial were recently published.

The projects supported by the CIMTI are in the development phase and have been selected “with great care, focusing on those which may have a significant overall impact on health and which are viable” explained Manel Balcells, director of the centre.

The CIMTI has a collaboration agreement with the CIMIT in Boston, one of the most important centres in the world for medical innovation and on which the CIMTI is modelled.

All of the projects selected which are already up and running were launched by public hospitals and the CIMTI will now support them to find further funding: “There are already private investors interested in funding these projects, and the CIMTI acts as an intermediary”, Balcells told us. In the case of GoodGut, a 4 million euro funding round has been opened to bring the new test to the market before the end of 2019.

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