19 Jul

Girona Regional Council supports GoodGut innovation

Girona Regional Council supports GoodGut innovation


GoodGut is one of 14 companies that have been selected under the Girona Regional Council business support program, which will create some 40 jobs throughout the province this year.

“We want to encourage the hiring of new personnel and drive actions to improve issues associated with innovation and technology within companies,” highlighted Josep Antoni Frias, regional councillor for Economic Promotion and DIPLAB in the Girona Regional Council. Frias met with representatives of the companies receiving this support on 28 July. CEO Mariona Serra attended on behalf of GoodGut.

The Regional Council valued the cutting-edge research being carried out at Goodgut in the field of digestive diseases, as well as the team’s history. This biotechnology firm was created in 2014 by Dr. Xavier Aldeguer, head of Digestive Medicine at Hospital Josep Trueta; Dr. Jesús García-Gil, Microbiology Chair; and Mariona Serra, PhD in pharmacology.  Afterwards, the team was joined by Jaume Amat as a strategic consultant through the Bioemprèn programme (he is also on the CataloniaBio Board of Directors). Goodgut currently has a team of five working at its facilities in the University of Girona Science and Technology Park – Girona Emprèn.

Photo: Martí Artalejo